Zoey 101 Alum Alexa Nikolas Files a Lawsuit Against Her Ex-Husband — Claims He Groomed & Sexual Assault

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[Warning] Potentially Triggering Content
Alexa Nikolas, a former Zoey 101 star, has maintained her consistency in dealing with allegations of grooming, sexual assault and abuse against Michael Milosh (pictured above inset) for several months in the public eye.
Now, the Nickelodeon alum is going one step further. Nikolas has filed a lawsuit against Milosh. He accuses her of preying upon her back as a child, sexual assaulting her, and finally manipulating her into marrying his son.
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According to newly filed court documents, Alexa, 29, is not afraid to use strong language and make big-time allegations against her ex. She openly claimed that the Canadian singer-songwriter “utilized” his power and used “years” of sexual grooming towards her as a teenager. He then “manipulated” her into marrying her at 19 years old.
She continued to write in the docs below:
“[This lawsuit] concerns a libertine musician, who preyed upon the innocence of a minor fan in order to manipulate and coerce him into giving her repeated sexual assaults.”
Whoa! Whoa!
Alexa claimed that everything began when she was 16 years of age and was filming the TV series Children of the Corn. She claims she reached out to Milosh via MySpace as a fan and he replied almost immediately. Alexa claimed that Milosh’s communication with her was “quickly sexually explicit” despite being 33 years old at the time.
Nikolas claims that Milosh sexually assaulted her after he “digitally began to penetrating [her] into her anus” despite her vocal refusals. It’s disgusting…
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Soon after, Alexa claimed that she was coerced by Milosh into taking a video of them having sexual relations. In 2010, or 2011, Milosh also allegedly used audio recordings of that event “throughout the entire album Jetlag many years later”. That clip included an audio where Nikolas can be heard saying “no,” in response to the alleged assault.
What. What. F**k?! F**k!
Alexa and Michael eventually married — she claimed he convinced her to get married in order for the Canadian-born actor/bandleader to get a green card. However, they separated in 2016 and declared their divorce in early 2019. Her lawsuit now seeks unspecified damages from Milosh.
It’s so scary!
[Image via YouTube/Alexa Nikolas/Instagram]

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