What Jenna Dewan REALLY Thinks about Channing Tatum and Zoe Kravitz Dating…

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Channing Tatum’s love life seems to be in high gear lately — that’s a joke on a bicycle! — but how does Jenna Dewan feel?
In case you haven’t noticed, the Magic Mike XXL star was recently linked to Zoe Kravitz
The couple were spotted together on several cozy outings in NYC, including her riding with him on his bike. It’s so cute! After working on Zoe’s directorial debut Pussy Island, it appears that the actors have officially moved beyond collaboration to romantic partners. (Great name, btw!)
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E! is now being interviewed by an insider. The latest news about Jenna’s take is that Jenna will not be making any unneeded public comments on the matter.
According to the source:
“Jenna isn’t involved in Channing’s relationships. She wishes Channing the best and hopes he is happy and healthy. She says goodbye to it.
It’s very diplomatic, neest-ce pas?
While the former spouses remain close, Everly Tatum and Everly Tatum continue to raise Everly Tatum’s 8-year-old daughter together. But Jenna has decided to leave Channing to his own devices.
While we are all in agreement with the exes prioritizing the co-parenting of their children, we would be lying if our spouses didn’t admit that we were a little surprised. These two have been together for more than 12 years! You would think there would be residual feelings. Even if there are, nobody is giving them voice.
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Jenna is also focusing on her new family with Steve Kazee, her fiance, and their 17-month-old son Callum.
The insider continues to discuss Jenna’s new life in Steve and Callum.
“She has moved on with her family, Steve and her children. She is a mother and tries to make sure her kids have everything they need.
Three years after the split, her life is very different.
This also explains why Jenna is so negative about Channing and Zoe, the new Hollywood couple — she has plenty of responsibilities to take care and follow through with. She can’t even be bothered about her ex when she has two young children at home. !
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So… how serious is Channing and Zoe? We know the way, even though it’s not clear yet.
After eight months of separation, Kravitz, star of Big Little Lies, and Karl Glusman, have officially filed for divorce.
After first starting to date two year prior, the couple got engaged in October 2018. They are legally un-bound from one another at this point per ET. It makes sense that she is ready for Channing’s ten-speed to sweep her off her feet.
Anyways, what do you think of Channing & Zoe? Comment below )… your thoughts on these two characters.
[Image via WENN/Avalon]

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