In Justin Lee’s western shoot-em-up Western story, what happens at Apache Junction stays at Apache Junction. ET can exclusively premiere the first trailer. It stars Trace Adkins, a country legend, as Captain Hensley.
Adkins tells ET that his dad passed on his love for Western films and the rich history of the Old West to him. “There is a boldness, fearlessness, and grace to that era that I treasure with great respect,” Adkins says. Justin Lee, the director, as well as the entire cast, were great to work with. I was honored to be a part of this action-packed film.
Apache Junction follows Scout Taylor-Compton, a big-city reporter who travels to the outpost of lawlessness to write a piece about the thieves and murderers who live there. She must rely on Jericho Ford (Stuart Townsend), a notorious desperado, to get her out of trouble. Thomas Jane plays the role of a gun-wielding barman. Adkins states that Victoria [Pratt], my wife, is also in the movie. You can spot her in the trailer above, about five seconds in. “So being able share the big screen together makes it even more special.”
Saban FilmsApache Junction will be in theaters on September 24th and will also be available digitally and on-demand on September 24th.
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