Addison Rae has gone through many changes in her life, from TikTok creator, to movie star, to red carpet glam queen, and she’s not slowing down! ET spoke to the dancer, aged 20, at the premiere of He’s All That on Wednesday, where she talked about how it’s been to play Padgett Sawyer.
“I feel so happy and grateful!” It’s so difficult. Rae told ET’s Lauren Zima that she is speechless 99 percent of time. “This was an amazing opportunity and I am so grateful for the cast, crew, and everyone who played a part in making this come to life. It’s surreal. She continued, “I want to keep doing movies.” “I am very excited about that. There are many exciting things in the future, but I don’t have much to talk about yet. It’s all going to be very exciting and hopefully will surprise many people.
Vivien Killilea/Getty Images NetflixRae stars alongside Tanner Buchanan, (Cobra Kai Girl Meets World), as Padgett’s love interests, Cameron Kweller. ET spoke to the two for a few steamy kisses and shared their intimate scenes. Rae said that they did practice the kiss together in their own time. “You must! It was awkward to do it first time, so we decided, “OK, let’s get it out of our way!” Let’s just do this! “Buchanan also admitted that he was “nervous.” He said, “I get nervous between any kind of thing.” “Anyone I have to kiss, it makes me very nervous. So I have to do it before it’s shown onscreen. I don’t want embarrassment, that is all it is. Always, there must be rehearsals.
Rae also spoke out about her relationship with Omer Fedi during the interview. Rae revealed that Omer Fedi was not her date at the event. However, he did appear on Rae’s Instagram Stories in a video of them kissing. He hasn’t seen it yet so hopefully he can watch it and give his opinion. She said, “We are having lots and lots of fun.” He’s All That will be streaming on Netflix Friday.
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