Pairing with modern Android phones is fast and easy. They also pair in the same way as other non-Apple Bluetooth device pairs in iOS. You won’t be able to use the app-based controls if you are using iOS. The earbuds can be controlled via long-press toggles to toggle between ambient mode and ANC. You also have the ability to ping each earbud’s location via the app. Samsung’s voice assistant Bixby is also available (no loss). Trickle-Down SoundDual driver arrays, which give you one for treble, and one for bass, is still a rare feature in wireless earbuds. Samsung’s first pair of earbuds with dual drivers was the still-awesome Buds Pro. It’s nice to see it in Buds2. While they don’t have as much clarity or openness as the older sibling, the bass response is head and shoulders better than any other earbuds this price. I have been listening to a lot of ’90s singer-songwriters lately. Everyone, from Alanis Morissette and Sheryl Crow, has their signature major-label sheen. The drums sound punchy and the background vocals and acoustic guitars are well-placed in the mid- and high-range. They’re actually a bit more closed-off than the Buds Pro so there’s less sound leakage before noise-canceling. The earbuds will still sound better than if your phone’s mic was used. Photo by Samsung The Buds2 are a new generation of wireless earbuds that offer dual drivers, noise cancellation, wireless charging, ergonomic design, and great app-based function for less than $150. These would be my daily pair if my closet didn’t have dozens of headphones awaiting ear time.

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