Real Housewives of Miami Star Mom Dies Of COVID on Her Wedding Day: “A Rollercoaster Of Emotions”

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This is so terrible…
After a long battle with COVID-19, Alexia Echevarria, Real Housewives of Miami star, is grieving the loss of her mother. Worse, her tragic death occurred on the day she was supposed to be celebrating her wedding.
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Yesterday afternoon, the 54-year-old reality TV star made the heartbreaking news to her followers and fans on Instagram. She explained how she had to postpone her marriage to Todd Nepola to deal with her mother’s death.
Echevarria wrote, “Early this Morning, I lost my mother to the terrible and deadly COVID-19,” on her IG account. She also included a series old photos of her and Nancy Echevarria.
She continued:
“The last few days have been a rollercoaster ride of emotions for me. I was on my way to marry the man I wanted when my mother became sick.
Oh, no…
Nancy, my mom, was a woman full of strength and beauty. Over the years, I saw her live her life in HER WAY. My best friend, my psychiatrist, but most importantly, she was my mom. My mother was a woman to be admired, respected, inspired, and ahead of her time. She was a trailblazer in so much of life. Cuban political refugee, she went through medical school in 1960s. My grandmother helped her to raise three children. She was a feminist and liberal with her social beliefs. She was always educated.”
Nancy sounds like an incredible person! We know a lot about amazing Cuban-American mothers.
We are unable to imagine the grief that Bravo’s celeb is experiencing after she lost her momma suddenly and on a day that should have been so special.
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More from Echevarria
“Her thoughts were so unique and individual. It was amazing that she was always right! She taught me to live life unapologetically, not regret anything, and to never look back at the things that you’ve done, but not the ones you didn’t. “Que no me en nada lo bailado.” I will forever treasure your stories, wisdom, strength, and zest for life. I will always admire your ability to connect with people. I can only cry because of the loss, but I thank you for sharing a lifetime with you. Rest in Peace, Mami. I know you are in a better place, dancing and enjoying champagne. Please keep an eye on us, for I need all the help of those higher up. I now have an angel. “Until we meet again.”
It is amazing how touching it can be, even in such a tragic and terrible time!
Below is Alexia’s complete post:

This post is on Instagram

Alexia Echevarria shared this post (@alexiae_says).

It is absolutely crushing. Please get vaccinated.
It’s horrible to think of how many lives COVID-19 cut short — loved ones lost and unexpected severe illnesses, months spent inside and away from the joys and life — it’s been so uncertain and terrible for so many people.
Our hearts go out to Echevarria, her extended family, and their grief at the loss of such a remarkable woman.
Rest in Peace…
[Image via Alexia Echevarria/Instagram]

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