The Snoo has been a favorite of ours for many years. It’s the only “smart” bassinet that Harvey Karp designed. He is best known for his books about the “5 S’s” to get kids to sleep. The Snoo was described to me by Harvey Karp as an extra pair to rock a baby to sleep. He believes it can add up to an hour to an average baby’s sleep time. I have found that his claims are true. The Snoo listens to what your baby is saying and then reacts. Motion begins as a slow side to side sway that is accompanied by a subtle waterlike sound. It’s intended to mimic the womb and then becomes more vigorous when they start crying. The most intense phase is the Jello jiggle. This is accompanied by more white sound. It comes with an app for Android and iPhone that records your sleep patterns and allows you to tweak how the bassinet reacts to your baby. It will notify you if your baby’s distress level reaches Level 5. I liked to set it to a low level so that it could adjust its sensitivity. It requires a special sleep bag that connects to the sides and keeps babies on their backs, which is not possible with other bassinets. The sack must be properly connected to the bassinet so it can function. This, according to the company, makes it “the most safest baby bed ever created.” SIDS can be caused by overheating, stomach sleeping, and co-sleeping. It’s expensive at $1,500. However, you can rent it for $149 per month. It has a modern, metal-and-mesh look that looks just like the price. It’s not perfect. It can sometimes not react quickly enough and sometimes it seems too aggressive, especially as your baby gets smarter. It also needs a cover to block out the light. My child spit up so much that I sometimes ran out of sacks. (Make sure you have a few extra. The Velcro on the sacks could be stronger. The internet-enabled products come with risks, and the Snoo is no exception. Although you can turn off Wi-Fi, you will not be able to alter the settings.

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