Marty McFly & Doc Brown are back, more than 36 years later!
Michael J. Michael J. Fox, 60, posted an Instagram photo of himself and Christopher Lloyd (82), on a golf cart. While it’s not a DeLorean it really takes fans back in time! Fox captioned the photo, “Back to back #backtothefuture.”
Lloyd said, “Best times?” Justin Long, actor, commented on the movie with a quote, writing “Roads?” Roads are not needed where we’re golfing. “
Lloyd also posted a photo of Fox and himself side-by-side, with Fox’s arm around him. He asked fans to caption it. Lloyd and Fox had a virtual meeting with Lea Thompson, his co-star on Josh Gad’s YouTube series Reunited Apart. They also pitched potential sequel ideas. Thompson laughed and said, “I’d love them to go back in January [2020]” and warn us about the coronavirus.
Bob Gale was the film’s cowriter. His idea was much more meta. “It would be Doc and Marty finding out that we are thinking of making another Back to the Future and then they come back to stop our crazy plans. “RELATED CONTENT”:
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