Megan Fox loses big lawsuit against… BRAD PITTS MANAGER? ?

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Megan Fox has had some very bad luck with houses! She is not only living in a haunted house, but she has been fighting it out in court for three years in a $5 million suit against Brad Pitt’s longtime manager Cynthia Pettt-Dante… and she just lost.
Fox, who was married to Brian Austin Green in 2005, reportedly purchased a home from Pett Dante, who was part a seller group that convinced Fox to purchase a Malibu property worth $3.2 million. Or so Megan claims.
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She was a 29-year old pregnant working mother with two children at the time. She later claimed she felt deceived into believing the property would be a “paradise in bucolic Malibu where her young family could grow up” when in fact it was a “moldy estate.” This was 16 people in all. Holy moly!
We bought a mini-zoo
According to documents filed in 2018, Transformers star bought a Malibu house from its manager in May 2016. However, she soon discovered that the property had serious problems that would affect her health. According to court documents obtained by, she claimed that the poor condition of her home, which included mold, leaks and damage from a mini-zoo, resulted in $500,000 in unexpected repair costs and caused her “chronic headaches” and “constant stress.”
She shared her testimony by recalling the moment she realized the household was in serious trouble.
“Well, it’s hazy for me. I just had a child. So I was focusing on that. The estimate was very high, I recall. We didn’t have the money to fix it.
She talked about having to return to work quickly after having the baby to pay for the fix. This angered her because the previous owner had convinced her that the home was livable despite extensive work being done to maintain the “mini zoo”).
“[Cynthia] had done a lot to the backyard, upwards of $800,000. She also keeps the animals in the yard because she rescues them. When I saw the house, she had a bull. She had goats and llamas, chickens and pigs. I was led to believe it was legal and that it was property that could be used for agricultural purposes.
Here’s the problem! This may not be true. Cynthia’s team claimed that Megan’s own legal team advised against her buying the performer — which she ignored! Megan’s own real-estate lawyer Joseph D’Onofrio is also suing her. He allegedly called the purchase “nightmarish”, ill-advised, and risky. The team of the defendant added:
“Despite these warnings, Plaintiffs removed all contingencies and agreed that they would proceed with their purchase of Property with the knowledge that there were nonpermitted structures, mold and septic tank issues on the Property.”
Megan was also accused of disregarding important statements that could have been made to inform potential buyers about problems with the house. Jennifer’s Body lead was asked if Megan had read any inspection reports or important emails regarding the sale.
“[No], because other people pay me to read them and tell you what’s inside and advise me on how to proceed.”
But… they said that they advised her? Hmmm…
The 35-year old also admitted that she rushed the purchase because she wanted to send her children to Malibu schools and this home was the only one she had at the time. She said that her family was in financial trouble in 2014 when they bought and remodeled a Toluca Lake property worth $3.35 million. She claims that her interior designer ripped through the entire budget and damaged the home while she was away filming. They sold it, which resulted in a loss $735,000. Ouch. It’s a bummer but not the best reason for you to rush to make another purchase. You would think she would have learned from her mistakes!
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Judge David Soleto granted Cynthia’s motion for summary judgement earlier this month. The manager offered to pay the momma $100,000 as a compromise deal under California civil code 998. It was a small amount compared to what she wanted.
The actress cannot appeal the case as she settled for a lower amount. She lives in Calabasas, California, with her three children Noah, 8, Bodhi (7, and Journey, 5), renting a $15,000 per month home. She moved out of the “moldy house” in 2017.
Reactions, Perezcious readers! Are you sure Megan had a chance to win this lawsuit? It seems like she didn’t do her research properly, but perhaps her team should have warned her more. We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!
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