Madelyn Cline will be taking a break from digging stuff on Outer Banks and instead will bury a secret within the upcoming thriller, What Breaks the Ice. ET can exclusively premiere the trailer.
The drama is set in the ’90s and stars Cline (of Netflix’s hit series Knives Out 2) as Sofia Hublitz (Ozark), as unlikely friends who find their lives disrupted when they are involved in a murder investigation. Will their secret bring them together or tear them apart?
“Working on What Breaks the Ice was one of my most memorable memories. Cline tells ET that she met people who will be my friends for the rest of their lives. It was an amazing experience to work with Rebecca [Eskreis] on this project and to make it special. Hublitz says, “Making the movie meant making many new friends and memories that I will treasure forever. It was especially special to be part of a film in which every department-head was female. This was a wonderful experience that I shared with my co-star, who has become one of my best friends.
Lukas Gage, who you may remember from the scene on The White Lotus, and Joel Allen star in What Breaks the Ice. This film marks the feature debut for Rebecca Eskreis. She tells ET that Sofia and Madelyn are “a filmmaker’s dream come real: insanely talented actors and fantastic collaborators, and all-around amazing people.” “I am so proud of our female-forward creative group, who managed nearly every department from conception to completion of the movie. My job was possible due to an outstanding cast and crew that were dedicated to recreating the late 1990s down to the last detail. This film is so exciting to share with the world. “CinedigmWhat breaks the Ice” is now in select theaters and will be available on demand starting Oct. 1.
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