Lisa Rinna Frustratingly asks “Why the F**k” is Daughter Amelia dating Scott Disick — “Why can’t it be Harry Styles?”

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We thought Lisa Rinna was cool with Amelia Hamlin, daughter of reality TV veteran Scott Disick. You are!
A few weeks ago, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star admitted that she and husband Harry Hamlin were “very delighted that [Amelia] feels happy” about their 20-year old daughter’s romantic interest with Disick, a nearly twice-twice-twice-old KUWTK veteran.
Lisa explains why she isn’t as accepting of it all in this week’s RHOBH episode. She would rather have an ex-boyband member in the mix!
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The 58-year old spoke out on Wednesday night’s episode of Bravo’s hit reality show. She reacted to her acceptance of Scott and offered some possible solutions for her relationship! Lisa first spoke out about her relationship with her daughter! Delilah Hamlin, 23, is currently in a two year relationship with Love Island alum Eyal Bucher. Lisa says that Eyal has really grown on Harry and she! They would not be surprised if someone proposed marriage to them! They will!
Ch-ch-check out Rinna’s words, and pay attention to the last sentence (below).
“Harry’s made it very clear that he would not object to Delilah getting married to Eyal, which is quite shocking, but that speaks volumes. “I can’t speak for Amelia at the moment.
The ever-entertaining reality TV maven raised the stakes on her comments about Flip It Like Disick alum 38-year-old, comparing him (below) very unfavorably with eternal hunk Harry Styles
“Like, why isn’t it Harry Styles?” Scott Disick?
Again… OUCH! Lisa, how do you feel? Wow! We should be skeptical about Rinna’s new perspective, just as we said up top. Who is to say that Rinna was not influenced by a Bravo producer? It worked, if it was! LOLz !!!)
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Lisa made it clear not too long ago that Amelia would be happy with Scott if she was happy with her decision. Even if she didn’t fully grasp it. It’s a huge leap from there to this! Except… could there have been a huge blowout that we don’t know of? A fight or family feud? It seems like a lot of this would have leaked in this age and age, but you never know… maybe Lisa was changed by something? What?
What do you think of Scott’s recent comments? Perezcious readers! You can sound OFF by sharing your thoughts in the comments section (below )…).
[Image via Nicky Nelson/Mario Mitsis/WENN/Amelia Hamlin/Instagram]

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August 26, 2021, 08:05 AM PDT

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