The Matrix 4, now called The Matrix: Resurrections by Lana Wachowski, reunites Keanu Reeves with Carrie-Ann Moss. Lilly Wachowski, who codirected and co-wrote the previous three installments of the franchise with her sister, is not involved. During the TCA Summer Press Tour panel discussion for Work in Progress, Lilly Wachowski explained to reporters that she didn’t like the idea of going back. “Lana had a different idea for a Matrix film,” Lilly explained, explaining that she came up it between the deaths their father and mother. “There was something about the idea that I could go backwards and be a part in something that I have done before that was explicitly unappealing.”
Lilly explained that she didn’t want to go back to what she had done before after her transition and the “upheaval” in her life. She explained that it was “emotionally draining” and that Work in Progress “fell in me lap.”
The series, co-created and premiered by Abby McEnany & Tim Mason, tells the story about Abby, a person who “enters into an transformative relationship during times of crisis.” Season 2, which debuted on Aug. 22 but is now halfway through, sees Abby reunited with her ex-partner. Just as she is regaining control, the pandemic strikes and disrupts her life. McEnany’s Lilly, who co-directed the new episodes, said that the series “felt new and something I could be more myself in.” Right now, she is interested in exploring queer spaces. She explained that she was excited to be a part “of a show where the main characters are super queers,” and that it is the first TV show she has connected with as an open transgender woman. She previously stated to /Film that she hoped the fourth installment of Matrix would be better than the first.
Lilly was unsure if the two would collaborate again when she was asked during panel. “Maybe. She said that she hadn’t spoken with her since the movie was over. She added that it felt great to see [Work in Progress] out in public at the moment. RELATED CONTENT
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