Laura Prepon Feels ‘Relieved” Since Leaving Scientology

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Laura Prepon is not regretful about leaving the Church of Scientology.
In case you didn’t see it, the Orange Is the New Black actress unexpectedly revealed that she had left the religion nearly five years ago.
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A source revealed to Us Weekly that the actress, 41, was happy with her decision to leave the religion and wants to continue her spiritual practice.
“She feels relieved to live her life on her terms. She wants to be able to focus on her individual spirituality.
Prepon was involved in the controversial church since 1999. Many people were shocked when she finally decided to distance herself from the institution after 17 year. She was a strong advocate of it since childhood. In 2015, she even appeared in the Scientology-affiliated magazine Celebrity, where she praised the process of auditing for helping to ease a lot of her emotions. Prepon stated at the time:
“In my life, things are much easier. I’m no longer affected by the stress of my past. Things aren’t as bothersome to me now than they were before. I don’t react the same way as before.
The That 70s Show alum seems to be content that she and her family are not religious. Insider:
“She is a mother now, and has moved on. She is building her life around this. Laura has found her own spiritual path, and she no longer wants to be associated the church.
You can’t blame her, especially if her ex-star Danny Masterson was accused of rape by multiple women and the organization allegedly covering it up to protect him. This alone is enough to make someone want to ensure that their family does not cross paths with the group in future.
Her decision to jump ship coincided with her marriage to Ben Foster in 2018. She then had Ella, a 4-year-old girl, and a 16-month-old boy. Perhaps having children changed her outlook? Perhaps she was more open to the idea of having children?
The New Jersey native, who left Scientology in 1994, has found comfort in meditation. She practices it with her husband, a Hell or High Water star, and she claims that she has never practiced any other religion. People was explained by Prepon:
“We meditate every day, and I really like it because it helps me to hear myself and it’s something we can both do together.”
What are your thoughts about Laura Prepon’s feelings regarding distancing from the Church of Scientology. Comment below to let us know your thoughts.
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