Game Of Thrones Star Endures PAINFULLY Awkward Interview On Good Morning Britain!

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We’ve all seen awkward interviews, but this one is our favorite!
While most interviews go wrong because the celeb gets heated, or storms out, Iwan Rheon’s Wednesday chat with Good Morning Britain was memorable for another reason: he had a lot to correct the hosts about every topic!
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The Game of Thrones alum stopped in to discuss his new film The Toll. However, he quickly realized that he needed to rebuke the conversation as it shifted. When Charlotte Hawkins asked the Welsh performer about the controversy surrounding his animated series, The Prince (which she incorrectly called “a story about Prince Louis”, of course), Iwan answered:
“[It’s] about Prince George — but it’s up the audience to decide how they feel about something. I guess it’s also about the themes, the writer.”
It got worse from there. The star was left puzzled when Charlotte told him that he had previously wanted to participate in Eurovision. He replied:
“Did I?” “I don’t recall that.”
Charlotte was composed despite the error and shared that she had it written down in her research notes. It seems like the researcher really called this one in! Ranvir Singh and Iwan had to correct each other when Ranvir asked about a performance this weekend with his “band”.
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The Ramsay Bolton actor explained that he performs alone and doesn’t have any band. Oh, and that the show had already been performed! The 36-year old offered:
“It was just me… It happened on Sunday.”
So awk!
But that wasn’t all. After Iwan’s child was brought up by the hosts, they were asked if there would be birthday celebrations. The actor was silent until he revealed that his kid’s birthday had already occurred — it happened on August 14. *Facepalm*
The awkward interview was hilariously received by viewers, many of whom admitted they laughed throughout the whole thing. Others wondered if the hosts were being pranked. Check out these reactions!

Interview with @iwanrheon at @GMB was so difficult. Every question you asked was incorrect and he had the nerve to correct you each time. @GMB, please find presenters who can present/interview
Catherine Edwards (@cathjeds), August 25, 2021

Day off after my little operation so I’m watching daytime television. It was hilarious to watch @GMB interview with @iwanrheon. Your researchers need a rocket up the bum ??????????? ?
— JenA ???????????????????????????????????????? (@JenJoeGibson, August 25, 2021

Dear @GMB researchers, did you do any research today for the interview with @iwanrheon?” It’s embarrassing that you missed his gig and then his daughter’s birthday …????.
— SwimDad72 (@Dad72Swim), August 25, 2021

One thing is certain: Iwan seems to be taking it all in stride. Shortly thereafter, he tweeted:

One can only imagine ????
— Iwan Rheon (@iwanrheon) August 25, 2021

We would love to share the clip but ITV seems to be well aware of how awful it looks and are taking it down everywhere!
Perezcious readers, what do you think happened? Comment below to share your thoughts!
[Image via Lia Toby/WENN]

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