FBI searches Detroit City Hall, 2 council members’ domiciles

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Tied in PressCandidate pleads guilty all the way through alleged Florida vote scamA sham candidate for the Hawaii Legislature pleaded guilty Wednesday to being part of a very vote siphoning scheme wearing last year’s election allowing it to testify against a former His party state senator who prosecutors say ran it. Alex Rodríguez agreed to testify from former Sen. Frank Artiles after pleading guilty from Miami-Dade County to agreeing to illegal campaign donations yet lying on campaign pdfs. Prosecutors charged Artiles towards March with felony excute election campaign fraud charges, saying my husband secretly gave more than $44, 000 to Rodriguez making sure he could run in the 2020 election to confuse arrêters and siphon ballots on then-Democratic incumbent, Sen. Jose Javier Rodríguez.

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