Even Stevens’ Christy Carlson Romano reveals the truth behind ‘Animosity with Shia LaBeouf — He Was ‘Salty!

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Even Stevens was a big hit on Disney Channel in the 2000s… But, the success had an impact on the relationship between Christy Carlson Romano (star) and Shia LaBeouf (star), who were brother and sister on the sitcom.
Christy opened up about their (nonexistent IRL) relationship in a new YouTube Video Tuesday. She was as candid as ever, detailing her rise to fame, past relationships with LaBeouf, as well as where they are today.
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First, Kim Possible voice actress, Reminiscing on their “very good onscreen chemistry”, she explained that they were not “really close off-screen” despite the fact that it appeared like they were “very close”. Wow! The 37-year old told viewers:
“Everybody asks me this question. If we are still in touch, we are still friends. To be honest, I don’t know if we were ever friends. But, we were co-workers. We had a very similar on-screen chemistry. People assumed we were brothers and sisters in real life. I was able to influence what this guy did.”
Laughing at that thought, the performer admitted she hardly knew what was going on in the child actor’s life outside of the set, adding she only really found out the extent later while watching his semi-autobiographical movie:
“Watch Honey Boy, it’s like he’s a traumatized young man while I’m working alongside him.”
She continued:
“It’s a great honor that people think I would still be in touch. It means that we did a great job of making you guys believe that we were real-life brothers and sisters, but it wasn’t. We were not really close.”
Romano might have known about the “hardship” that he had experienced. The Cadet Kelly leader mused:
“I didn’t know a lot about his mom and where they lived at that time. I feel sorry for myself. I wish I could have been more patient.
Christy was able to only go from what she saw, as they behaved more like “coworkers” than friends. She noted that her initial impressions of Shia were not so positive.
“Being around him felt dangerous. He’s cool, he’s wild. He is crazy Shia.”
That persona is what led to a lot “animosity.” They were both young stars trying to make it in this highly competitive industry. Naturally, they would get upset and feel insecure at times. The vlogger shared his day-to-day experiences filming the show.
“I took my job very seriously. I loved getting into character and remembering my lines. It was a great experience building this character. It became a job over time. You get tired of doing other things and trying to have a social lifestyle. I believe he was dealing a lot more. I’m not being facetious. I feel stupid. Because I care, I know that I’m not stupid. And I believe I cared even back then. I believe that’s why there was a little animosity. He should always appreciate what I gave him.”
She didn’t get the recognition she deserved. Instead, she was given a MAJOR slap on the face when she won the Daytime Emmy Award in 2003 for Outstanding Performer in a Child’s Series. Because of what was left out, Shia’s acceptance speech “really hurt [her] emotions”.
“He was on top of the podium. I was there with the rest, and he thanked everyone at the table. But he didn’t thank me. It was a difficult moment for me because I felt like it was just him and I. It was like our show. It was so important for him that it was his show. I was just like him because I was a young girl.”
Ugh. It’s so stupid to not respect such a star!
The situation only got worse after that moment, as Burn The Curtain podcast host remembered not working with her onscreen brother as much when their characters were given different storylines.
“We were co-existing. He didn’t see me very often. He began to live his own life. Based on all the life experiences he has had, the person I knew isn’t the same person today. I’m not the person he knew.
Any relationship between them ended abruptly after the show ended. While the Transformers alum went on as a “huge superstar”, Christy was still “frustrated” that Christy had “gotten a [and] better manager” and continued to complain about it.
“We went from seeing one another every day to not seeing each others for years to him becoming this huge star. I found it frustrating to see the ghost of Shia and his transformations for a while.
To avoid these unwelcome feelings, she avoided his content:
“I didn’t watch any of his films. I couldn’t. I couldn’t bear to watch them… I was a little salty.”
Wow! Wow!
She admits that she regrets some of her decisions after the show, but she also looks back at those years.
“I felt a little jilted from the whole situation. He is making a big splash in Hollywood. Here I am. I chose to go college. There are consequences. But, like, there was definitely an overcurrent of regret but also an undercurrent if comparison. Sibling rivalry, if I may say so.
The drama has “really settled down” now that “time has passed.” She’s certain they’ll always have a “bond” regardless of whether they see each other again.
“When you grow up together in this way, at that time in your lives, you are bonded together. It’s impossible not to want the person to succeed. It is impossible not to want them to get the help or support they need.
The Connecticut-born artist insists that they never actually cut each other off. Their lives were just diverted. They decided to stop being co-workers and that’s all they were. She explained:
“I never stopped talking to him. I believe we just took completely different paths in our lives. We were expected to make art together and grow up together, but that didn’t make us a family. It did, however, make us a family. There’s only about 1% or 1% that are like actors in a specific area of their teens. All the people I know, although I may not have seen them for years, I can guarantee that if I saw him walking down the street, there would be an undeniable bond.
Even Stevens had ended, but she did see him once. It’s an incredible final moment! She recalled:
“I met him at a club. He had been drinking. I was like, “You know, all my friends want you to hook up with them.” He was like, “You know, all my friends want you to hook up.” It was a silly last moment to have with someone. It was one those moments when I was like, “I don’t know what to say to him.”
LOLz! It was funny, but also sad that they had only experienced it once in their lives. They didn’t have enough time to bond over it.
They do sound like they could be brothers and sisters, however.
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She isn’t sure what the future holds. She thought:
“That’s a good question to ask. It’s a question I get asked a lot. However, it’s not an easy answer. I live a very particular life. I am sober. I don’t drink alcohol and have a limited amount of energy and time that I can devote to having someone in my life. I need to feel safe around people and be able to trust them.
Yup, she’s not over that Emmy speech, or the way she felt demeaning when Shia suggested to listeners that her career would be like Reese Witherspoon.
“I don’t know how he felt about me. I never got to know. Unfortunately, I feel like we missed an opportunity to bond. Other people have told me that he stopped hanging around with people because he felt their intentions were not pure. I understand that. You don’t want that to happen if you are a megastar. It’s not okay to be friends with people you don’t trust. But it has nothing to do celebrity and everything to do your mental health.
It’s a great point. She does admit that she was salty at the time. It could not have been more healthy.
The Cutting Edge alum ended the video by speaking to her co-star in a touching message that was so sweet it’d almost be hard to forget all their animosity!
“Shia, if this is what you see, you will know that I love and care about you. I’m sorry we didn’t get to know each other better as children. I hope you are taking it one step at a time. Your mom is a wonderful woman, so say hi to her. You’ll always be my friend, so I hope you are doing well.
Wow! Wow! You can see the whole thing below!
[Embedded content] Are you having reactions, Perezcious readers Is it surprising that these Disney siblings aren’t closer in real life? We are curious to hear more about Shia’s side of this story. Sound off in the comments below!
[Image via Nicky Nelson/WENN/Avalon/YouTube]

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