Edgar Ramirez pleads for Vaccinations while grieving the COVID deaths of 5 loved ones: “My Heart Can’t Take More Pain”

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Edgar Ramirez is heartbroken. The Jungle Cruise star is devastated after losing five close friends to coronavirus. Three of them died this weekend.
The Point Break alum wrote a touching letter to his followers on Instagram Wednesday. He detailed the deaths and injuries of his Venezuelan-based relatives and colleagues. None of them were able to access a vaccine. His aunt Lucy and uncle Guillermo were the latest victims.
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The 44-year old opened his statement and asked followers to “carefully” read it. He explained that the following letter was the “most painful, the most intimate thing” he had ever written.
“I beg of you to carefully read this post. This is the most difficult and intimate thing I have ever had to publish, but I feel it is important to share it. It can sometimes feel like a nightmare from where I will wake up, but it isn’t. This is real, even though it is difficult to breathe at the moment.
The Emmy-winner announced last week that his uncle was in hospital for a month and was “barely stabilized.” His aunt, who had contracted the virus earlier, was also rapidly declining. Their deaths come on the one-month anniversary Bertha’s death and four months after Laureano, his agent, died.
Only Nidia, Rafael’s aunt, was able to recover from the disease. This was because her small town does not have enough.
It is hard to imagine the pain of losing so much loved ones at once. But the actor offered some insight into his well being, continuing:
“My heart cannot take any more pain. I am sad, frustrated, and devastated. My family has been suffering for weeks, being tortured, jerked around and played with by this cruel, treacherous, and violent disease that mercilessly ended in their deaths. I can’t bear this void in the pit of my stomach, this metallic taste in mine, and this crippling headache that doesn’t seem to soothe.
Even more tragic is the fact that the star has seen anti-vaxxers fight for the shot that his family would have taken in an instant.
“None had access in Venezuela to a vaccine. In the meantime, thousands of vaccines are being thrown out in the United States due to a lack of demand. It breaks my heart to see so many people willing to forgo the vaccine my family would have received in an instant.
Wow. It makes our hearts hurt just thinking about it. You can read more about his update here.

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Edgar Ramirez (@edgarramirez25), shared this post.

The Yes Day star also participated in a 10-minute Q&A with Dr. Anthony Fauci (President Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser). He answered questions from his community to ease fears about the vaccine and provide an update on safety practices. Edgar encouraged viewers to share the “vital information” and to help others in their efforts to “turn this terrible loss and pain into a positive action.”
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Watch the important conversation below.

This post is on Instagram

Edgar Ramirez (@edgarramirez25), shared this post.

We send our deepest sympathy to Edgar and his family during this difficult time. We hope that his tragic losses will show how important it is to get vaccines! It is a privilege, and the best thing that we can do to stop this pandemic (and save people’s lives).
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