Dog The Bounty Hunt’s Daughter – Says He Abused His Daughter, Cheated on Late Wife & More

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Dog the Bounty Hunter is under severe pressure from his family.
His wedding to Francie Frane, whom he was engaged to less than one year after the death of his wife Beth Chapman, was just around the corner. The TV personality was under fire when it was revealed that two of his daughters were not invited to the nuptials. TMZ reported that Bonnie Chapman, his step-sister Cecily Chapman, was omitted from the nuptials because she supports Black Lives Matter.
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Bonnie posted a lengthy statement to her social media accounts following the TMZ article. On Tuesday, Bonnie posted a lengthy statement to social media accusing her father of racism, homophobia and abuse. She stated that she was disinvited from the big event due to her “choices to participate in social justice, and BLM protests with “The System” [a series on UnleashedTV] and not condemn the streaming service when they fired my dad for using epithets.”
“I’m sorry, I can’t defend Dad’s racism. My father was fired from UnleashedTV for using homophobic and racial epithets against my cast members. The show is about social justice advocacy and protesting police violence and racial bias. My ever-growing dismay at my father’s return to his old racist ways has been expressed repeatedly.
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After my mother’s passing, I had forgiven my dad for many actions that he did that were wrong. He would cheat on me mom all the times, and I hated him for it every time. But, I forgive him because I want a relationship with him. I believed I only had one parent. I was left with racist and homophobic parents.”
The 22-year old reflected on her mother, describing her as a “shining star in the void” while expressing dismay at her father’s “[diminshing] her light through his hatred.”
“My mom was a leader and she kept my dad focused on his work. My mom stood by him no matter what he did. She kept him on track! My mom was loyal and fiercely protective of her family. She loved her father and tried to make him the best. It was often difficult to deal with my father’s near-constant infidelity with his friends and strangers, while trying to make him a better man. It wasn’t in vain, I believe that mom did make a difference in my dad’s life. However, that change was lost when my mom passed away.”
Bonnie attributed Dog’s regression to Beth being sick at the hospital. He then began an affair with a friend of her mom’s.
“As a child, he used to silence me and threaten with physical violence. I won’t back down. I stand up for what I believe firmly and I think my mom deserves the honor. My father has degraded my mother in many ways since her death.”
Wow. It’s so sad.
She stated that the public “deserves” the truth about reality star Duane Chapman, and that she also believed he was a better person. Bonnie even defended the decision of her father to get married so soon after Beth’s death. She responded by saying:
“I believe that my father was trying his best to be a good person at one point. That’s why I have publicly defended him. I followed the example of my mom. I followed the strongest woman that I have ever known. I was afraid my only parent would hate and abandon me. I was afraid of not being invited at family gatherings. But I know that my mom would not allow this to happen, so I am speaking out in her honor.
— Bonnie Chapman (@Bonniejoc) August 24, 2021

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She then listed other concerns she had about the couple, such as Duane calling BLM protesters “thugs”, associating himself with homophobic megachurch pastor Greg Locke and aligning himself to “right-wing extremists that believe in QAnon theories” (some of whom have “threatened Bonnie’s life on several occasions). Francie was also accused of traveling with COVID (a representative of Dog denied this claim. People).
Bonnie concluded:
“If my dad and his wife want to travel right-wing churches attacking gay people, and advancing QAnon theories and killing gay people, he can do that. But I’m going not to change the legacy and memory of my mom, Beth Chapman. It is worth fighting for her memory and the values she stood up for. … I have said before that I didn’t understand why I wasn’t invited at my dad’s [sic] wedding. He is the only one to blame, even though I knew he was mad at me for being fired. My father was supposed to be a man and put his family first. But, it seems that he died with my mother.
Duane and his family, including Lyssa Chapman (below), maintained that Bonnie and Cecily were being “used.” The bounty hunter stated this in a statement to Page Six:
“Bonnie and Cecily were employed by disgruntled ex-associates with multiple felonies who want to take revenge and tarnish our reputation. These guys were actually my acquaintance years ago when I was hired by them to find them after they jumped bail. Multiple reports claim that they are now being investigated by the federal government as well as several state attorneys general.

Bonnie alleges that her father’s ex-business partners made all of the allegations against her. They are furious they couldn’t ride on his coattails anymore. When Dad realized they were con men, he quit working with them.
— Lyssa Chapman, @BabyLyssaC August 23, 2021

Hmm. Bonnie’s statement is plausible, given that Dog has been in trouble before for using racist language. It is also public record that he has been friends with anti-masker Greg Locke. These other allegations are not true and the Chapmans will be dealt with.
We wish Bonnie well as her family and friends that she finds peace and healing in this difficult situation.
[Image via Bonnie Chapman/Duane Chapman/Instagram]

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