Cue the Tears — Mandy Patinkin Confirms That His Father’s Emotional Death Inspired The Princess Bride Scene

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This is the power and potential of a great film.
The Princess Bride is a classic film that has been loved by many. However, every fan will have a different experience with the film. It’s the nostalgia and happiness that make this film stand out for some. Others find it to be the humor. Others find the humor to have a deeper and more personal meaning.
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TikTok user Amanda Webb shared the emotional experience she had with the movie via the app. Inigo Montoya, also known as Mandy Patinkin, was trying to reach her. She referred to the scene in which Inigo confronts his father’s killer, Rugen, the six-fingered man (played uncharacteristically by Christopher Guest). Inigo stabs Rugen when Rugen offers him “anything” in exchange for mercy and delivers the powerful line.
“I want my father back, son of bitch.”
Amanda shared her love for The Princess Bride with her father in her TikTok. She then spoke up emotionally, saying:
“I read on the Internet that Mandy Patinkin was referring to his father, who died from cancer. It was a raw emotion. It’s a line that has stuck with me since then. So I guess I was just curious if it’s true or if it’s real. It means so much to me now that it did.
Gideon Grody Patinkin, the actor’s son, showed Amanda’s video of him to his mom Kathryn Grody. They both cried over her story. Mandy addressed her directly in his video response.
“First, your dad has taken good care of you. It is also true. It is 100% true. I walked outside in the castle, and my dad kept talking to me. I said, “Dad, this guy is mine.” “
The 68-year old continued:
“I knew it from the moment I read the script. Kath asked me to play the part. I told her, “I’m going to do it because if I get this six-finger guy, that means that I kill the cancer that killed dad.” I was excited to see my dad again. “
Wow. Wow.
He recalled the words through tears:
“And that moment was upon us. I went with Chris to play the scene, then I went back outside and spoke to my dad. So, you can talk with your dad whenever you want, wherever you want.

To Alaska (aka Amanda) – We found it! Thread – We appreciate you sharing this with us. My dad died from cancer when I was 18. Kathryn’s parents both died within one year of each other when Kathryn was 25. Her dad died of a heart attack, and her mom from cancer …..
Mandy Patinkin (@PatinkinMandy), August 25, 2021

The Homeland alum also shared his thoughts on how his and his wives’ stories were similar to the fan’s in a Twitter thread:
“My dad died from cancer when I was 18 years old.” Kathryn lost her parents within a year when she was 25. Her dad died from a heart attack, and her mom from cancer. Their loss has been a significant part of our lives and what has forged our bond together. We are so sorry for you loss. We are moved that this movie meant something. We hope that you find many ways to keep his memory alive and to move on from this loss.
Kathryn, who was also in tears, expressed her gratitude to Amanda for sharing her story. She also recommended The Dinner Party, which connects young people experiencing grief. It is a place where you can find people who understand your pain and can help you.

We are grateful for Amanda’s sharing of this information. Huge love to you, your family, and your dad.
Mandy Patinkin (@PatinkinMandy), August 25, 2021

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Another sweet moment was when the Broadway alum offered his dad’s name to Amanda’s daily prayers. His son also shared a lighter behind the scenes clip in which Kathryn mixed up the famous line, and Mandy asked, “Did her ever see the movie?”
Mandy Patinkin (@PatinkinMandy), August 25, 2021

The performer concluded his message to Amanda by stating:
“I have received many gifts that I could not have imagined, thanks to The Princess Bride, the gift that keeps giving. But you were the best.”
This is a beautiful story and a wonderful connection. Mandy Patinkin is a wonderful social media friend who can help us share moments like these!
[Image via Lu Chau/WENN & Movieclips/YouTube]

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