Sam Asghari is the one Britney Spears can rely on.
Brit is at the end of a 13 year-long struggle to be free from conservatorship. Brit has a beef with almost everyone in her circle — her family and her doctors. We are still hoping that Brit will soon be free to settle any lawsuits against anyone she chooses. We are glad that she has Sam, her boyfriend, to help her through all the chaos.
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The 39-year old expressed her gratitude to her man for supporting her over the past five years. She shared a photo of the couple on Instagram and wrote:
“Not only has he been a sweet a**hole through the most difficult years of my life, but he is also incredibly good at cooking! Do not miss your chance to become the next Fast & Furious star! “

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Sam has been a personal trainer and Slumber Party love-interest, but he has also dabbled in acting in recent years with appearances on Hacks and Black Monday. He told TMZ that he was “coming to Fast 10”, so it’s sweet to see the Lucky singer supporting his goals. These two are clearly a team that lifts each other up!
Britney’s teasing was retaliated by Britney, who commented:
“Yes F That A**hole”
He also posted the photo on his IG with the caption
“Caption this Rap album? “
We were not aware that Sam’s momma of two is serious about her relationship, but her June court testimony in which she stated her desire to marry and have a child with him — confirms it. E! News has previously heard from a source. According to E! News, the couple have “plans for future” and would marry “immediately” if allowed.
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They have as their first priority getting the Mickey Mouse Club alumn out of her conservatorship. According to an insider, Brit is to be credited with inspiring Sam to speak her truth. They shared their thoughts at the time:
“Britney feels that the weight of the past decade is slowly but surely being lifted off her shoulders. She feels empowered beyond words. Sam is a big part of this. He empowers her in all ways and has been her rock through this whole ordeal. He is an enduring blessing to her.
“He has been there for her in her darkest hours and has tried to lift her spirits. He knows what Britney’s family has done for years and wishes he could do more to help her. It is heartbreaking to see her so upset every day. Sam does his best to comfort her and be there for her whenever possible.
We are unable to imagine the last few months of legal battles, let alone the past decade. Britney now has someone she trusts and loves. It’s so sweet watching these two show love and appreciation for each other.
[Image via Britney Sparrow/Instagram]

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