Disney loves a prequel, especially when the original film grossed more than a half a billion dollars. The Mouse House confirmed that the Barry Jenkins-directed sequel to 2019’s “live action” Lion King will be set before those events and reveal Mufasa’s origin story.
ET can confirm that Kelvin Harrison Jr. (The High Note), will play a young Mufasa. The prequel will give Scar the Cruella treatment as Aaron Pierre (The Underground Railroad), will voice Taka.
As Disney fans who have done their supplemental reading will know, Taka is Scar’s birth name. This was revealed in 1994’s A Tale of Two Brothers. It also revealed the origin of Scar’s famous injury. Production is currently underway. Favreau’s film featured Scar and Mufasa as voices by James Earl Jones, and Chiwetel Eljiofor.
Jenkins stated that the prequel was a dream come true when it was first announced. “RELATED CONTENT”:
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