Amber Smith is done.
Granger Smith’s wife, Maverick Beckham Smith, gave birth to their baby boy on Friday. Granger Smith spoke out about the “hurtful messages” she and her family have received since their son River (lower right) drowned in a swimming pool accident two years ago.
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Tuesday saw her take to Instagram to confront trolls.
“I don’t like to give these people more attention that they deserve, but it’s just another reminder that we live within a dark world in which people judge each other and say the most hurtful and cruel things.”
Before sharing some of her daily brutal comments, the Monsterwolf actress added:
“Please think before typing or expressing your opinion.”
She reposted screenshots and blamed the Country Things performer, his wife, for the shocking death their child. She even claimed they are now replacing him with another kid. WTF? Insensitive arguments were made by the haters:
“If the 3rd were still here, only if you guys would have watched him better around pool, he probably would still exist.” Poor River.”
I know you won’t see this, but I wanted to let you know a few things. First, I don’t know you or your family and therefore can’t judge. Second, I can’t comment on your family. But how could you ever lose a child and have another one? You seem so happy and it seemed so easy to have another child.
“Can’t judge” but I will still judge you. SMH.
These comments serve to remind you that even though you may not think celebrities will see your post it doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t. If you don’t have something nice to say, it’s best not to share it. This is the bare minimum, y’all. These trolls have not suffered an unimaginable loss as the Smiths. You don’t just get over one child because another has been born.

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River is still with them, and they have never forgotten him. Granger felt “obligated”, ever since River’s death, to share their story with everyone. Granger’s religious family has tried to preserve his legacy through emotional YouTube videos and constant posts on IG. Even if that meant recalling his last moments.
The couple spoke out about their tragic accident two years ago on Today. Amber revealed:
“I was only 20 feet away. My daughter and I were doing gymnastics together. He was outside the locked gate with our second son. There was no music, and there were no distractions. It was a quiet, summer evening at 7 p.m. It was so quiet. There was no sound, and there was no call for help. I saw him. I turned around and saw him.
It is heartbreaking.
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The Texans have shared their grief on social media. The momma often reflects on the difficult moments since she lost her son prematurely. She shared her complicated decision to have another child on the ‘gram, admitting that it was not an easy one.
“I didn’t know what my emotions would be when Maverick entered the world. I was awash with emotions from the journey, the anticipation, the guilt, and the joy.

This post is on Instagram

Amber Smith ???? shared this post. Amber Smith (@amberemilysmith).

The candid comments of the 39-year-old were:
“I was scared of what I would feel, but the main emotion I have is peace. Peace. I am so grateful for his life and the blessings he has brought to our family.
According to the songwriter, Maverick’s name is also a tribute to his older brother.
“Ham” means home, and “Beck” means creek, stream, or river.
So special. After dealing with all the hate on Instagram, the mom of older children London, 9, and Lincoln (7 years old) took a video holding her baby, reflecting:
“We worship the dark and dance in the light.”
(c) Amber Smith/InstagramA great mantra to live by when faced with all this cruelty
It is so terrible that this family must deal with negative comments while trying rebuild their lives after such a difficult experience. We wish them all the best as they welcome their new baby with so much love and good vibes!
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[Image via Amber Smith/Instagram]

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